3 Ways To Make Your Dental Website More Attractive To Potential Clients

Running a successful dental office depends on more than good customer service in this day and age. You need to also market your business online to attract new customers and remain in healthy competition with other offices in your area. There are a few key tips for dental websites that will make your office look professional and attractive to potential patients.

Detail-Packed Landing Page 

The landing page to your website is essentially the front office of your business online. You need to provide all of the important information about your business without making the page look overrun with text. Distill the information down into brief sentences that can be read at a glance. Use bullet points to highlight especially important information.

What should you include here? Office hours, contact information, location, most common services provided and major insurance plans accepted. The hours and contact information should be easily found at the top of the page. You can include links in the location, common services and insurance plan sections to pages that contain more information on each of those items, if necessary.

Explanation of Procedures

The common procedures link should lead to a page that gives a brief but informative description of each service your office offers. Try and focus on aspects that might set you apart from other dentists in the area. Are you using a new state-of-the-art whitening system? Are you one of the only offices in town that includes an oral surgeon in the same building?

Use these specialization points as a guidance to explaining your overall procedures. But you don't need to go into detail for every single dental procedure you offer. Cleanings and fillings, for example, can both be summarized under a maintenance care heading rather than serve as their own sections.

Payment Plan Offers

You won't be able to list specific payment plan details since they will vary greatly depending on the procedure and the client's financial situation. But you can give a general outline of what payment plan options are available for those who can't make the full payment upfront.

For example, you can list the fact that you offer payment plans with repayment terms that range between six months and two years depending on creditworthiness and the total price. You can also list any dental savings cards you accept, which offer discounts on certain procedures for a flat fee per year. 

For more information, contact a designer who specializes in dental websites.