Computer Sales Business? How To Use A White Paper To Benefit Your Customers

As a computer sales business owner, you should provide your customers with helpful information. For example, they may have questions about how to maintain their computers. One of the best ways to provide this for your customers is by writing a white paper. This also shows your customers that you are an authority in your business. Below is information about what a white paper is, and what you should include in it.

White Paper

A white paper is a document that guides and helps your customers solve problems, understand issues, and help them make a buying decision. It is much more in depth than an article or a blog post, and is not a sales pitch in any way.

What to Include in a White Paper

Instead of introducing customers to your computer business, a white paper should discuss how your business can best fit their needs.

In most cases, a white paper starts with a broad picture, and then leads the reader to the solution. Because white papers are longer than articles, make your headings bold and specific. This will allow the reader to scan the paper more effectively.

In the next section, give the reader some background information of the issue you are helping them with. For example, you should list reasons why it is important for them to maintain their computers, and different problems they would have if they do not.

The last part of the white paper should explain the problems, and give them a solution for these problems. For example, if they find spyware on their computer, you should tell the reader what spyware is, how they get it in the first place, and how to remove it. You should also include information about what happens to their computer when it is infected with spyware. Write everything in detail so they can easily understand it.

You should also consider putting the works cited as the last thing on the paper. Make sure you include information of each source. This shows the readers that the information they read is credible.


Consider using charts in your whitepaper. You could put a chart showing the percentage of people that get spyware on their computers. You could also list different types of spyware, along with more detail about each of them. Tables, diagrams, graphs, and charts make the whitepaper more readable.

You can provide this white paper to your customers via a link on your website. They should have the ability to download the white paper to their computer so they can print it out, and the ability to view it on your website. Talk to experts like Hoffman Marketing Communications for more information.