3 Great Ways To Make Your Automotive Dealership Stand Out Online

Many people find car dealerships to be overwhelming simply due to the amount of noise they have to make in order to seem different from all the other dealerships. This problem can be just as bad online as it is in real life. In order to make sure that your dealership does not turn customers away by being overwhelming, yet still manages to attract attention, follow these three tips.

1. Adopt a Minimalist Approach

When designing your website, try to make it as clean as possible. Choose a simple color palette and stick to it. If you have sales, make the text slightly larger to advertise them and change to a complementary color that is still within the palette. Do not highlight the text advertising the sale and make it flash, color it highlighter yellow, or otherwise detract from the otherwise minimalist aesthetic of your website. Just keeping your website design minimal will enable you to stand out in the customer's mind. Millennials, a long-courted group notoriously underwhelmed by the idea of purchasing a car, will also appreciate this minimalism because it appeals directly to their aesthetics. 

2. Make Sure that Your Website is Responsive

A great deal of Internet users, especially between the ages of 18 and 30, primarily access the Internet through phones and tablets. This means that if your website is not responsive, meaning that it does not react to a differently sized screen, it will be a lot harder for these people to navigate it. Make sure that your website looks great on all portable media platforms by hiring a responsive web designer. Car dealerships that do not have responsive websites will see their web traffic fall and you will see yours increase when your website can easily be accessed on a smartphone.

3. Create Content for Your Customers' Needs

If you are selling a particular brand of car, make sure that you have articles on your website about topics specifically related to the product that you sell. These articles could be about how to repair certain parts of the car, warning signs that your vehicle might need repair, creative ways to paint the car, and maintenance tips. By having useful information on your website, you can be sure that your customers will come frequently to your website and take note of the deals that you are offering.

For more information on how your car dealership marketing presence online, contact a professional marketing team.