3 Things You Should Do When Entertaining A Business Client At Home

If you are considering entertaining a business client at home to help further your business relationship and market your company, the endeavor can be a great success if you plan well and take the proper measures. Here are a few things you can do to help your plans go as intended:

Find a babysitter for the evening 

Even if your children are well behaved, it is best to have them away from the house while you are entertaining an important business client. Children often do unpredictable things, and the little distractions that result can ruin your business engagement. For instance, if a child inadvertently spills something, hurts him or herself or otherwise interrupts as you are delivering a presentation concerning one of your company's products or sealing a deal with your client, your efforts may be nullified.  

By sending your kids to stay with a trusted babysitter for the evening, you can ensure that they have a great night and receive the attention needed without causing any undesirable issues for your guests. If you don't know how long your event will last, it may be best to schedule an overnight stay for your little ones.

Have your house freshly cleaned

Before your special event, have your house professionally cleaned. You are likely already saving money by not hosting the event at an expensive venue. Thus, your budget may be able to absorb a thorough, professional cleaning and de-cluttering session.

When marketing your company, it is important for your clients to see you as well organized and trustworthy. Even if a house is clean, a large amount of clutter can be a negative testament of poor organizational skills.

Research your client's likes and dislikes beforehand

By doing your research ahead of time, you can avoid errors in your menu. It is important to serve things that make your client feel comfortable and at-home. Some clients may not eat certain types of food, such as pork, for religious or health reasons. Other clients may only drink wine and refuse all other alcohol. Remember that the atmosphere that you set is about the client, not about the things that you prefer most.

Like the menu, conversation during the event should not be centered on controversial issues that will make your client feel at odds with you. Instead, stick to business and things that the client enjoys.

To learn more ways to make entertaining your client at home a success, schedule an appointment with a marketing advisor.