3 Reasons To Use Postcard Marketing For Your Small Business

When you own a small business, you want to get your name out there to your local community fast. You can advertise in your local paper, put a pricey color ad in the phone book, and reach out to your community via social media. Don't forget about a classic form of advertising that still works wonders today—postcard marketing. Here are 3 reasons why postcard marketing works so well to get your small business noticed fast.

It reaches your community personally

There are many companies that will compile a list of addresses for you in your community and nearby areas that you can send out personal mailers to. A person is more likely to read a postcard sent to them in the mail that is addressed to them personally rather than to 'current resident' or 'homeowner.' Since a postcard is sent out to potential customers rather than discovered by chance in the newspaper or other form of advertisement, you can expect higher exposure.

It's reader-ready

Postcards do not have to be opened by the reader and proclaim a message right on the front or back of the card. This means it's more likely to be read for a few seconds by each individual who receives one (so make sure your opening line includes your business name and something positive about your inventory or service) before being tossed aside. Make sure your postcard is not too wordy by using bullet points and include positive colors:

  • red (passionate, engaging)
  • yellow (happy, exciting)
  • green (earthy, mellow)
  • blue (calming, hopeful)

It's cost-effective 

The same companies that can compile a list of mailing addresses for you can actually help you design and mail out your postcards as well. You can have your postcards professionally printed and mailed out in just a matter of days, and the more postcards you order, the more money you can save. You can pay less than $.25 per postcard to be mailed to potential customers, which is very cost-effective for marketing your business in such a personal way.

The best way to get your business to grow with your local community is to put your name out there so people know you exist. There are many outlets you can use to market your business well, with postcard mailing being one of the best and most effective. Combine this marketing tactic with others so you can get the results you are looking for and create a real and lasting impression on your potential customers.

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