Tips For Using A Mobile Billboard To Advertise Your Grand Opening

If you've opened a new business, then advertising is crucial to getting a good start. You want to draw in as many people as possible the first several days, and then your business can grow naturally with repeat customers and word of mouth recommendations. There are several advertising options to consider, but one of the most unique is the mobile billboard. Here are some tips for getting the best results with this type of advertising.

Create A Compelling Ad

The success of your advertising campaign hinges on the billboard you have created. An ad agency can come up with a design, but if your budget is tight, you may want to create the design yourself. The key is to deliver the message using as few words as possible. A potential customer only has a few seconds to see the billboard if they are passing it on a busy street. No one has time to read a lot of text. Instead, use eye catching graphics and minimal text that is easy to read. For instance, you can use a picture to represent your business and text for the business name and location. The billboard needs contrasting colors so it is easy to read. A dark background, such as black, is ideal because it absorbs natural light rather than reflect it. That makes white text stand out very well.

Choose A Route With High Visibility

The advertising company can help you choose the route that gives your billboard the most visibility, but you want to go over the route yourself to make sure it is suitable for your needs. For instance, you want to avoid areas famous for congestion or where construction causes delays. You want your billboard to always be on the move unless it is parked in a highly visible area. You also want it to turn through busy intersections because that attracts a lot of attention from drivers. However, be sure you understand all the city regulations concerning mobile advertising, especially if you plan to display on residential streets or have the truck park near a busy event or highway.

Ask About Added Features

Talk to the company about GPS tracking. This gives you a record of where the truck was located during the time period you've booked. You don't want to pay for downtime unless you requested the truck to park. If you want to park the truck in a busy parking lot or an event, see if the driver will pass out flyers while the truck is parked. Another perk that might be useful is an audio system so the driver can announce your business and location to pedestrians. Another thing to ask about is the ability to target your demographic. For instance, you may want to advertise to neighborhoods within a certain income range, a downtown area with a high percentage of certain occupations, or apartment complexes that mostly rent to college students.

The big advantage to a mobile billboard is it has the potential to be seen by many people during the day since it travels around. That makes it perfect for advertising a grand opening of your new store. You can rent the truck for a day or multiple days to give your business a boost of new customers right after it opens. To learn more, contact a company like Billboards 2Go