Telemarketing: 5 Tips To Keep Them From Hanging Up The Phone

Whether you're marketing for a commercial enterprise or doing some political phone banking, the goal is the same: you need to keep them on the phone. How can you prevent hang-ups and make the most of your time? Here are five tips for improving the effectiveness of your telephone marketing.

1. Ask Your Qualifying Questions First

Time is of the essence. You don't want to waste time with people who are never going to be interested. Ask qualifying questions first. In a political party, this might be whether the individual is already registered to vote. 

2. Listen to the Person You're Calling

It's better to listen to a person's objections than simply override them. Overriding them is just going to get them to hang up. If they say they don't have time right now, ask them when a better time would be to call back. Don't just keep talking. 

3. Try Not to Use a Script

Scripting is important. If you're required to use a script during your calls, then you have to. However, if you're given some leeway, you will often get the most traction simply by having a real, honest conversation with the other person. Above all else, make sure that your reactions aren't just being read off a page; people can tell. Try to listen to the person you're on the phone with and respond to their concerns or questions.

4. Don't Interrupt

Interrupting frequently happens when you feel as though you're losing someone. They may say something about not knowing anything about a certain voting measure, for instance, and you might interrupt in haste with an explanation. Interrupting is one of the easiest ways to make someone feel pressured and uncomfortable. 

5. Ask Your Contact What They Want

Rather than trying to provide a solution to the contact, ask the contact what they are interested in. Regarding political phone banking, you might ask them which issues are most important to them. Once they've answered, tie your solution or organization to their problems or concerns. This will help you relate to them on their level.

There will always be those who don't want to listen, as well as those who may waste your time and ultimately end up declining. Part of marketing successfully through telephone is not being dissuaded or discouraged. As long as you keep going, you're bound to connect with an interested party eventually.

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