Targeting Your Toy-Related Television Advertisements Towards Children

You just started a new company to make toys, and you have a great idea of how your product may appeal to young children. However, you aren't sure what marketing approach to take. Try out television advertising, as this may offer more dividends than you'd expect.

Television Ads Still Provide Great Marketing Spread

The myth that television advertisement is dead is just that: a false, but understandable, misconception. While it is true that digital marketing has started to lead the way for a majority of companies, non-digital and off-line marketing remains a crucial way to reach certain types of markets.

One of the biggest of these markets is that of young children. While it is true that many young children focus heavily on digital entertainment in these modern times, many still watch children's television programs in their bedrooms or with their parents. And advertisements can run during these periods.

As a result, any toy manufacturer who is just starting out with a new project needs to understand how to focus their television advertising on the child demographic. This situation may seem very hard for some to handle but is easier to do than you might imagine.

Pitch Your Ads to a Specific Market

Television marketing is all about timing and knowing what audience you want to reach. As a result, you need to place your television ads on channels designed for children — such as cartoon-focused networks — and during times they're likely to watch television, such as between 4 and 8 pm after school.

Just as importantly, your advertisements must not ring false with children and seem like something that they would enjoy. You should never talk down to children on television — as they can read condescension quickly — and instead treat them like intelligent individuals. Use child-friendly humor that doesn't feel forced or excessively silly. 

Using these techniques, you can reach out to many children and capture their attention when they are practically a captive audience. This step is crucial because it can provide you with the recognition that you need to make your toys recognizable not only with children but with their parents, who are the ones who have the money.

So if you want your toy to capture the potential audience that you need, you should consider audience-targeted TV advertising campaigns. While you should never ignore the power of digital marketing and other advertising methods, television remains an important ally in your fight.