Should You Invest In Linear TV Advertising?

If you are a business owner and are worried about how you advertise and market your products or services, you may be wondering whether or not you should invest time and money into linear TV advertising. Linear TV is live television, as opposed to streaming or on-demand services. Get to know some of the reasons you should still invest in linear TV advertising. Then, you can better decide if linear TV advertising is the way to go for your business marketing strategy. 

People Still Watch Certain Programs Live

One of the myths about television watching today is that most people wait to stream programs after they have aired through streaming services like Hulu or Netflix. However, this is not always the case.

One prime example of continued live television viewing is sports. People still want to watch sporting events as they happen, not after the fact. The same is true for the news and even awards shows. And with certain popular TV series, people want to see them as they air so they do not accidentally hear spoilers. 

As such, linear TV viewing is going stronger than you might think. People want to see shows and events as soon as possible or as they are happening. Advertising on linear TV, especially during some of the events listed, would be a great way to get word out about your business and any promotions you may be running. 

You Can Reach a Local Audience

Another benefit of linear TV advertising is that you can reach a local audience with your ads more readily. Advertise during local news programs, for example, and you will be reaching a targeted local demographic. This helps if you own a brick-and-mortar store or operation looking to drive in more traffic. 

Sometimes, online ads are too global, and while you get a lot of exposure or "impressions," you are not making an impression on the most important audience, the one in your backyard. 

You Can Still Target Types of Viewers

One of the things that people misunderstand about linear TV advertising is how to target certain demographics. They think that age and gender are the only factors considered. But certain programs bring in certain types of buyers, and that can be used to your advantage in linear TV advertising. 

If you are a sporting goods store with an emphasis on camping and outdoor activities, advertise during a nature show or a show that occurs in the wilderness. This will give you access to a demographic that already has an interest in such things. You can pick and choose your target audience using any criteria based on when and where you put your linear TV advertising dollars. There are ample opportunities to reach a niche audience through linear TV advertising. 

Now that you know some of the reasons you should invest in linear TV advertising, you can be sure that you make linear TV advertising a part of your next marketing campaign. Contact a company like NYI - New York Interconnect to learn more.