Lead Generator For Bathroom Remodeling Contractors

Bathroom remodeling contractors may find it harder to advertise their services, unlike electricians or plumbers, since people may not remodel their bathrooms often. This means you need to be more deliberate about the channels you use for lead generation.

Online Presence

Having a significant online presence will be the most influential for lead generation. It will be worth the investment to have your website professionally built and optimized for SEO. Since bathroom remodeling is generally done on a local basis, capturing location-based searches will be critical. This will include using location-based keywords on your website, having a business listing, and using social media. Your website should include the specific services you offer and a gallery of previous projects. The ability for visitors to visualize their options and how they fit together will influence their interest in your business. Your business listing will boost your visibility in local searches. Although a social media presence is important, it is more logical to focus on a couple of platforms and update them regularly.


Using various strategies for marketing your business will also increase leads. TV ads are still a prominent way of advertising your business. Although streaming platforms are popular, you still need to have your ad on over-the-air (OTA) channels. Advertising during the local news on OTA channels will be an ideal time to target your audience. With streaming channels, you will want to be more strategic about where you place ads. A good opportunity is on channels geared toward home improvement and during shows that show remodeling projects. Online ads are tricky because many people use ad blockers, so there may be little return on your investment. Mail advertisements might reach people better than online ads.


Bartering with other local businesses may help generate leads. Speak with relevant local businesses that are not your direct competition and ask them if they are willing to recommend your business in exchange for you recommending theirs. Some businesses that may be the most promising are plumbers, electricians, and real estate agents. Frequent plumbing or electrical issues in the bathroom might warrant a remodeling project. Real estate agents often suggest changes to a home before putting it on the market, since remodeling various areas of the home might increase its value. Asking doctors or restaurants if you can leave business cards with them is another way to market.

Lead generation for bathroom remodeling may require extra effort to increase the visibility of your company. You should use different marketing modalities and establish partnerships with companies to gain leads.

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