5 Digital Marketing Terms To Learn Right Now

Diving into the world of digital marketing means picking up a slew of new terms and usages. But getting better informed about the concepts you'll encounter will move you along the learning curve faster. Getting to know these five terms will allow you to have more productive conversations about digital advertising campaigns. Channels In digital marketing speak, a channel is any singular way you can connect with an audience. Social media, web videos, your own website, and your own app would all be seen as separate channels for communicating with potential customers. Read More 

Telemarketing: 5 Tips To Keep Them From Hanging Up The Phone

Whether you're marketing for a commercial enterprise or doing some political phone banking, the goal is the same: you need to keep them on the phone. How can you prevent hang-ups and make the most of your time? Here are five tips for improving the effectiveness of your telephone marketing. 1. Ask Your Qualifying Questions First Time is of the essence. You don't want to waste time with people who are never going to be interested. Read More 

What Is Involved In Construction Outreach Training?

Construction workers are people who perform any type of construction, repairs, remodels, or painting tasks as part of their job. OSHA is the agency that sets the standards for what is required in the workplace to ensure it is safe and healthy. One of their programs is to teach construction workers how to work safely. While construction outreach training is not required in all states, your employer may mandate you go through training. Read More 

Tips For Using A Mobile Billboard To Advertise Your Grand Opening

If you've opened a new business, then advertising is crucial to getting a good start. You want to draw in as many people as possible the first several days, and then your business can grow naturally with repeat customers and word of mouth recommendations. There are several advertising options to consider, but one of the most unique is the mobile billboard. Here are some tips for getting the best results with this type of advertising. Read More 

3 Reasons To Use Postcard Marketing For Your Small Business

When you own a small business, you want to get your name out there to your local community fast. You can advertise in your local paper, put a pricey color ad in the phone book, and reach out to your community via social media. Don't forget about a classic form of advertising that still works wonders today—postcard marketing. Here are 3 reasons why postcard marketing works so well to get your small business noticed fast. Read More