Social Media Marketing Tips For Commercial Properties

The ability to use social media for marketing purposes can greatly expand your reach to potential customers and clients. While individuals may be readily aware of these benefits when it concerns traditional types of products and services, they may fail to properly utilize social media marketing to reach customers looking for commercial properties.

Emphasize The Commercial Strengths Of The Property

Social media posts will have to be extremely short, and it can be difficult to accurately convey all of the benefits of a property. When marketing commercial properties, it can be best to lead with details concerning the economic strengths of the building. For example, the building may be located in a high-income community or be easily seen and accessed from major roads. 

Those looking for commercial properties will often focus on these attributes before they consider the other features of the building, and this can make these factors a priority when composing the short social media posts. Each social media platform will have different posting guidelines and limits. This can make it a suitable investment to spend the time customizing a post for each platform as opposed to creating a generic post that can be used across all the platforms.

Avoid Discounting Organic Growth And Exposure

Paid advertisements on social media platforms can allow for extremely precise targeting, and they will often provide notable returns. However, individuals should always avoid only relying on paid ads for their marketing. Social media can allow you to leverage the crowd to spread your messages for you. Focusing on creating the most engaging content possible will help it to spread. Furthermore, this can allow for highly targeted referrals as individuals may share the posts with those they know looking for commercial properties.

Have Easily Accessible Profiles For Each Property

The space limitations for social media posts will prevent you from including all of the relevant information about the property. To make it easy for prospective clients to learn more about promising properties, you should ensure that there is a link in the social media posts to a profile for the property on your website. 

This profile will be the more suitable space for including the details for the property, such as its zoning, square footage and other features that may not have made it into the social media post. In addition to being convenient for prospective clients, this will also allow you to review the analytics for the web traffic to these profiles to further refine and improve your marketing campaign.

For more information on social media marketing for commercial real estate, contact your local marketing professionals today.