Door Hangers: The Handiest Advertisement Tool

Whether you clean houses for a living or install sprinkler systems, if you own and operate a residential services company, then you need to be taking advantage of one of the most simple yet effective marketing tools — customized door hanger advertisements.

Door hangers are a handy advertisement tool you can create quickly and affordably and get great results from. You aren't mailing anyone anything, and you aren't bombarding potential customers with large flyers or mailers that can be easily overlooked and thrown away. Learn why you should be reaching out to your local community via customized door hanger advertisements.

Your response is higher

When you place a door hanger directly on a potential customer's door, they are likely to see the hanger, and you may be the professional they choose to call first when they need the service you provide. The key lies in being selective on what doors you choose based on the service you offer. For example, if you are an exterior painter, putting customized door hanger advertisements on the doors of homes with peeling paint and older siding is more beneficial than doing the same on brick homes.

Your costs are minimal

Unless you're paying someone to put customized door hanger advertisements on peoples' doors for you, your costs in printing and placing customized door hanger advertisements are limited to your time and money. Bulk-printed door hangers cost pennies apiece, then you have your time and gas to place them.

That's a lot less than paying for postage, renting ad space in a paper, and other costs associated with marketing efforts.

Your competition is less

Think about this: how often do you get mail from solicitors wanting your local business? How often do you get a flyer placed on your door? The former is likely to be a lot more than the latter, which means choosing to market via customized door hanger advertisements to your local community is the less competitive choice. Do a trial run with door hangers to see how this works out for you before moving forward with a full door hanger campaign.

When you incorporate customized door hanger advertisements into your marketing efforts, you can see big rewards and help your residential business grow. Work with a marketing company to help design the custom hangers you want and go from there.

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