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Exposing 3 Myths About Business Consultants

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Founding and growing a company can be an extremely challenging and complicated task for anyone to do. However, it should be noted that there are professionals specializing in helping individuals to be better owners and managers. Yet, if you have never worked with a business consultant, it is important for you to know the realities about some misconceptions about these professionals. Myth: Only Large Companies Can Afford To Hire Business Consultants There is a common concern among some business owners that they will be unable to afford to hire a business consultant. While it is true that professionals will need to charge for their services, they are able to provide businesses with flexible and fair payment and billing options. For example, some of the professionals will only require to be paid in installments as the project progresses. In addition to these friendly payment terms, it may be possible for you to write off the costs of using these services. This will allow you to drastically reduce your tax burden, which can help offset the costs for hiring professional consultants. Myth: These Professionals Only Provide Operational Advice For those that have never used these services, it can be easy to assume that your enterprise will only receive advice for improving the efficiency of your company’s operations. While this is often a key concern for these professionals, you should be aware of the fact that these individuals can offer valuable advice on a range of topics. For example, it is possible to hire a consultant that specializes in legal research and analysis or you may hire a consultant that offers design or engineering services. Myth: Using Consultants Can Be Somewhat Disruptive Sadly, some individuals may not seriously consider using consulting services because they are concerned about these individuals disrupting their daily business operations. While these professionals will need to observe your enterprise before being able to offer you meaningful advice, you should be relieved to learn that these individuals will attempt to keep the lowest profile possible during these inspections. After all, it is important for the consultant to see how the current business structure works. Working with a business consultant can be an excellent way for you to tap into the knowledge and experience of someone that has years of experience in helping businesses overcome a range of issues. By appreciating that these providers can do more than offer operational material and that they are not limited to giving managerial advice to the president, you can find help for your business. Visit Lucintel for more...

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Understanding The New Marketing Trends To Grow Your Business

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One of the biggest challenges facing small business owners today is finding a marketing outlet and approach that actually reaches the audience. Unfortunately, the changes in SEO and social media marketing are so fast-paced that it can be difficult to keep up. The good news is that there are many small business consultants who specialize in marketing and can help to grow your target audience and consumer base. Here are a few things that you should discuss with your consultant as you create your marketing plan. How Can You Leverage Mobile Growth? Consumers are becoming more reliant on mobile devices, which means that businesses need to offer mobile-friendly websites and app platforms. Make sure that your website is optimized for mobile devices, and remember to address all of the main platforms. Don’t focus on a single device, because you’re likely to alienate consumers if you do that. Consider the types of things your target market is likely to use mobile services for and make sure that you tailor your business accordingly. What Role Can Social Media Play? Social media has become a cornerstone of online interactions, which means that there’s a lot of consumer information to be found on those social platforms. In order to capitalize on that data, you’ll have to maximize your social media plans. Start by creating social media profiles for your business on all of the major platforms. That way, your customers and potential customers will be able to locate you and engage with your business. Then, evaluate the demographics of your followers periodically to determine who your target market is so you can tailor your social media campaigns accordingly. Create targeted ads so that you reach your consumer market easily. What Kind of Market Testing Should Be Done? Talk to your small business consultant about what kind of market testing you can do before you put new campaigns out to the public. Consider establishing a solid team dedicated to testing the images, the links in every ad and the general response of the materials. That way, you have a team to look at everything and help you catch potential errors and other issues. Since consumers are seeking more personalized and practical brand experiences, you want to be sure that your marketing and brand recognition provide that. With these tips and the help of a company like Smoking Gun Media small business consulting, you can develop solid marketing plans to grow your business....

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Two Tips For Changing Your Company’s Public Image

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Public perception can make or break your company’s bottom line. No matter how clever your marketing campaign is, you may still have a tough time winning customers over to your side if your reputation in the community is tarnished. Though transforming your organization’s public image may be challenging, it can be done with the right tools and mindset. Here are two tips for changing your company’s public image for the better. Acknowledge Past Mistakes The Internet makes it impossible for anyone to hide or run away from past mistakes. In fact, 58 percent of customers research products and services online before making a purchase. Therefore attempting to change your company’s image while failing to address past mistakes is a little like whitewashing a rotten fence. It may look good on the outside, but a small scratch on the surface will expose the moldy bits hiding underneath. For many people, it’s not that your company made a mistake that they take issue with but how you reacted to or handled the problem that influences their opinion of you. Instead of trying to sweep issues under the rug, publicly acknowledge them and then take steps to correct the problems. This may require you to make personnel changes or alter company procedures to ensure the problem doesn’t happen again. However, when customers see that you’re making a sincere effort to change, they may be more willing to give you a second chance. Get Better Friends For better or worse, people often judge others by the company they keep. If you hang around ne’er-do-wells, then people who see you in that crowd will often judge you to be one too, even though you may be an upstanding citizen who volunteers at a no-kill animal shelter and gives money to the homeless. You can use this psychological tendency to help bolster your company’s reputation, however, by associating yourself with people and companies who exemplify your company’s new values. For instance, if you want to become known as an environmentally-friendly company, engage in dual marketing campaigns with other businesses that are known to be Earth friendly, and have public meetings with well-known environmental activists. Be aware, though, that your company must have the systems in place to back up the reputation you want to have. If you want to be seen as Earth friendly but your company is dumping toxic waste into the water, your credibility and trustworthiness will instantly be destroyed when people find out, and it will make it that much harder for you to change your company’s image. There are a variety of things you can do to change the public’s perception of your company. Connect with a marketing expert at X Plane or elsewhere for more tips or assistance with this type of organizational...

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Tips For Preparing For Your Trade Show

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Participating in a trade show can be an excellent way to spread awareness of your company to potential clients. However, there are many new business leaders that may not have much experience with these events. If this applies to you, it is important for you to consider the following couple of tips to ensure that your business gets the most from its investment in the trade show. Invest In A Professionally Made Display When planning for your trade show, it may be tempting to try to save money by making the display yourself. However, a professional looking display is essential for these events because you will be competing with many other vendors for the attention of the attendees to the trade show. Fortunately, you can hire a specialist with the experience and tools needed to create the perfect design for attracting attendees while also presenting your business in the best light possible. You should be aware that it can take several weeks for a trade show booth to be designed and built, which will need to be considered when you are planning for this event. Create A Contest To Capture Contact Information An attractive and professionally made booth can be a great way of getting the attention of potential customers, but you need to make sure that you capture contact information for these participants. This can be an excellent way to follow up with prospective leads after the trade show, which can drastically increase your conversions from the trade show. To this end, you should consider holding a giveaway or other contest where participants can win prizes in exchange for business cards, email addresses or cell phone numbers. By gathering this information, you can easily reach out to these individuals. While this approach will require an investment for the prizes, it can help give attendees a reason to visit your booth versus your competitors’, which can be more than worth the cost. Trade shows can be a great way for you to engage with potential customers, but these events will require careful planning on your part to have the best experience possible from these events. If you have a thorough understanding of the benefits of hiring a professional designer to make the booth as well as using a contest or give away to capture contact details, you should find it easier for you to have a productive time at your trade show. For more information on trade shows, talk to a professional like Exhibit Studios...

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How to Set Up an Aerial Advertising Campaign

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With the increased development of unmanned aerial vehicles, aerial advertising campaigns have become cheaper than ever. As a result, more people are trying their hand at designing an advertisement and putting the money down to have it go through. Many of these people do not know what they are doing and, as a result, are not creating the most effective aerial advertising campaign possible. Here are some tips to make sure that you get your money’s worth on the campaign. 1. Figure Out the Best Time and Place You are going to want to make sure that you have the main push of an aerial advertising campaign on a day when the most people are going to be outside. If you don’t, you are going to waste a lot of money because not enough people will see your advertisement in order to make it worth it. You will also need to determine who you want to advertise to. For example, if you are a small grocery store that only sells the types of groceries that you need to make Greek food, then you are going to want to wait until your local Greek festival before you have your advertising campaign because more potential customers will be out. Determine who your prime advertising target is and make sure that they will be able to see your advertisement. 2. Determine What You’re Willing to Pay If you have an unlimited amount of money for an advertising campaign, then you will want to consider creating an advertisement that will be able to go on an aerial billboard. This advertisement costs more to create and it also costs more to install because it is shown multiple times throughout the day, rather than just once. If you budget is tight, then you will want to make sure that you invest in a banner, which is only flown once but is much cheaper. The banner can do just as much good for your campaign as a billboard as long as you time it right, as described above. 3. Make Your Design Finally, create the design that you will have on the billboard or the banner. You will want to provide all of the information that a potential customer might need in order to make a decision about your company while still keeping the design as simple and clear as possible. For more information, talk to an aerial advertising company like High Exposure Inc Aerial...

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Marketing Research: How Being Strategic Can Help With The Success Of A New Product

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Did you create a new product that you hope will bring in an exceptional amount of sales? Before releasing your product to the public, it is a good idea for you to invest in marketing research to find a good selling point for potential consumers. In this article, find out how you can obtain more interest in your product by using strategic market research methods: How Can Strategic Marketing Help Gain Customers for a New Product? Strategic marketing is ideal because it will allow you to target certain types of consumers based on specific demographics. For instance, you can create marketing campaigns that are visually appealing based on age and sex or health condition. If you want to sell a men’s hair loss product, research would allow you to know that your target consumers are around 50 because there is an 85% rate for hair thinning by that age. You can create flyers with before and after hair loss pictures of 50 year old’s who used your product. Marketing research will also allow you to be strategic based on location. You can run surveys online to determine where people are located that is likely to purchase your product. The research will also allow you to find out what type of similar products you have to compete with on the market. The key to gaining customers with a new product when there are a lot of competitors is to make sure your packaging and advertising is appealing. How Should Strategic Marketing Be Done for the Best Results? Research marketing should be done in a thorough manner if you expect great results. Therefore, it is a good idea to hire a professional to do all of the research on your behalf. A marketing professional will only need to be briefed about the product you are trying to sell. Make sure that you provide him or her with only factual information about your product. If you falsify anything, you can end up with a lawsuit for false advertising if a consumer decides to take legal actions. A professional will know how to present even the most simple product information in an appealing way to potential consumers. Don’t release your new product to the public without having a clue as to how the sales may turn out. Good research marketing and the right kind of advertising can make your product a success. Contact a marketing specialist to get on the right track to making...

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3 Great Ways To Make Your Automotive Dealership Stand Out Online

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Many people find car dealerships to be overwhelming simply due to the amount of noise they have to make in order to seem different from all the other dealerships. This problem can be just as bad online as it is in real life. In order to make sure that your dealership does not turn customers away by being overwhelming, yet still manages to attract attention, follow these three tips. 1. Adopt a Minimalist Approach When designing your website, try to make it as clean as possible. Choose a simple color palette and stick to it. If you have sales, make the text slightly larger to advertise them and change to a complementary color that is still within the palette. Do not highlight the text advertising the sale and make it flash, color it highlighter yellow, or otherwise detract from the otherwise minimalist aesthetic of your website. Just keeping your website design minimal will enable you to stand out in the customer’s mind. Millennials, a long-courted group notoriously underwhelmed by the idea of purchasing a car, will also appreciate this minimalism because it appeals directly to their aesthetics.  2. Make Sure that Your Website is Responsive A great deal of Internet users, especially between the ages of 18 and 30, primarily access the Internet through phones and tablets. This means that if your website is not responsive, meaning that it does not react to a differently sized screen, it will be a lot harder for these people to navigate it. Make sure that your website looks great on all portable media platforms by hiring a responsive web designer. Car dealerships that do not have responsive websites will see their web traffic fall and you will see yours increase when your website can easily be accessed on a smartphone. 3. Create Content for Your Customers’ Needs If you are selling a particular brand of car, make sure that you have articles on your website about topics specifically related to the product that you sell. These articles could be about how to repair certain parts of the car, warning signs that your vehicle might need repair, creative ways to paint the car, and maintenance tips. By having useful information on your website, you can be sure that your customers will come frequently to your website and take note of the deals that you are offering. For more information on how your car dealership marketing presence online, contact a professional marketing...

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Computer Sales Business? How To Use A White Paper To Benefit Your Customers

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As a computer sales business owner, you should provide your customers with helpful information. For example, they may have questions about how to maintain their computers. One of the best ways to provide this for your customers is by writing a white paper. This also shows your customers that you are an authority in your business. Below is information about what a white paper is, and what you should include in it. White Paper A white paper is a document that guides and helps your customers solve problems, understand issues, and help them make a buying decision. It is much more in depth than an article or a blog post, and is not a sales pitch in any way. What to Include in a White Paper Instead of introducing customers to your computer business, a white paper should discuss how your business can best fit their needs. In most cases, a white paper starts with a broad picture, and then leads the reader to the solution. Because white papers are longer than articles, make your headings bold and specific. This will allow the reader to scan the paper more effectively. In the next section, give the reader some background information of the issue you are helping them with. For example, you should list reasons why it is important for them to maintain their computers, and different problems they would have if they do not. The last part of the white paper should explain the problems, and give them a solution for these problems. For example, if they find spyware on their computer, you should tell the reader what spyware is, how they get it in the first place, and how to remove it. You should also include information about what happens to their computer when it is infected with spyware. Write everything in detail so they can easily understand it. You should also consider putting the works cited as the last thing on the paper. Make sure you include information of each source. This shows the readers that the information they read is credible. Visuals Consider using charts in your whitepaper. You could put a chart showing the percentage of people that get spyware on their computers. You could also list different types of spyware, along with more detail about each of them. Tables, diagrams, graphs, and charts make the whitepaper more readable. You can provide this white paper to your customers via a link on your website. They should have the ability to download the white paper to their computer so they can print it out, and the ability to view it on your...

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3 Ways To Make Your Dental Website More Attractive To Potential Clients

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Running a successful dental office depends on more than good customer service in this day and age. You need to also market your business online to attract new customers and remain in healthy competition with other offices in your area. There are a few key tips for dental websites that will make your office look professional and attractive to potential patients. Detail-Packed Landing Page  The landing page to your website is essentially the front office of your business online. You need to provide all of the important information about your business without making the page look overrun with text. Distill the information down into brief sentences that can be read at a glance. Use bullet points to highlight especially important information. What should you include here? Office hours, contact information, location, most common services provided and major insurance plans accepted. The hours and contact information should be easily found at the top of the page. You can include links in the location, common services and insurance plan sections to pages that contain more information on each of those items, if necessary. Explanation of Procedures The common procedures link should lead to a page that gives a brief but informative description of each service your office offers. Try and focus on aspects that might set you apart from other dentists in the area. Are you using a new state-of-the-art whitening system? Are you one of the only offices in town that includes an oral surgeon in the same building? Use these specialization points as a guidance to explaining your overall procedures. But you don’t need to go into detail for every single dental procedure you offer. Cleanings and fillings, for example, can both be summarized under a maintenance care heading rather than serve as their own sections. Payment Plan Offers You won’t be able to list specific payment plan details since they will vary greatly depending on the procedure and the client’s financial situation. But you can give a general outline of what payment plan options are available for those who can’t make the full payment upfront. For example, you can list the fact that you offer payment plans with repayment terms that range between six months and two years depending on creditworthiness and the total price. You can also list any dental savings cards you accept, which offer discounts on certain procedures for a flat fee per year.  For more information, contact a designer who specializes in dental...

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Get Educated And Stay Cutting Edge – Important Lessons From Sales Intelligence Tools

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Operating your own business can be extremely exciting and rewarding, but it’s not without its challenges. Most people decide to go into business for themselves because they have a particular talent or passion for a given craft, but that may not include the knowledge necessary to expand your business to its widest possible market share. One important and modern technique in expanding your company’s viability is utilizing sales intelligence tools. Below, you’ll find a guide to some of the most important things you’ll learn from utilizing these tools. With this information in mind, you can accurately assess your sales techniques and be on the path to long lasting success. Predictable Results If your business is engaged in phone sales, it’s important that you’re able to accurately predict the rate at which those calls will translate into profits. This will allow you to accurately staff your company while cutting down on waste, and can also provide you with the opportunity to reliably anticipate your cash flow. Your sales intelligence tools will be able to examine common trends in your company’s sales conversations to determine which are the most likely to be successful. This will allow you to develop a specialized tool kit for your particular company, putting you on the path toward higher volume sales. Emotional Analysis One important trick to remember for anyone who is involved in direct sales is that emotions play a huge role in the process. How your potential customer feels about your interpersonal skills, his or her’s connection to your product, and his or her’s emotional investment in completing their task all go a long way in determining whether you can complete a sale. By using sales intelligence, you can begin to chart which of your techniques gather the appropriate response from your customers. This will allow you to craft and manipulate your message in such a way to stoke those emotional fires and guarantee a proper sales response. Finding Leads Most customers have value in not only their only potential sales, but also those of their friends, relatives, and associates. Unfortunately, in the context of sales conversations, it’s very easy to miss cues that there are further sales opportunities to be had. By using intelligence tools, you can reexamine your conversations to guarantee that you’re not missing out on any potential sales leads while simultaneously avoiding making a customer uncomfortable by feeling as though you’re digging too deep for...

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